RGB Raw Theme Series

Author: Joshua Darby
09 Oct 2016 19:53
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The RGB Theme Series is a Website Theme for people who want a basic raw theme while having a taste of modern feel. There will be more themes added to this series as time passes on. These themes are used on the Wikidot Platform for the community.


  • Layout/Theme CSS with other CSS
  • Screen size
  • Color Customizable (CC)
  • Special CSS Additives (If any)
  • Updates/Revisions Logs
  • Author Contact Information
  • Other Creative Thinkers Sites
  • Package Info
    • Browser Support Information
    • Operating System Information
    • License Information
    • Copyright Information
    • ToS/Privacy Policy Information

RGB Themes


  • If you find any bugs on any of these themes please contact me so I fix it.
  • More Theme Colors will be added soon so stay tuned.
  • If you have any question/concerns post it on the forums.


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