Chat With Me

Hi and welcome to my chat! Just so we are clear I need to set some rules in place.

No Spamming

It is very hard for some other people to talk to another if you do that. Plus It's just rude, so please don't spam my chat.

No Profanity

I myself slip every now and again but I try not to curse online. To me it's offensive as well. Plus, to me, cursing only inflames the situation causing me to this as well. I don't need the encouragement.

No put downs/Any form of bad mouthing anyone

I don't care how you try don't put down anyone or bad mouth them.

Have Fun

Speak with others, talk about random things, but all things have fun at all times.

Chat Times

These are the times I am online

Thursday & Friday ~ 1pm - 2pm Pacific Time Zone UTC-08:00

Supported IRC Commands

To Register


/msg NickServ REGISTER custom-password your-email

Default Aliases

/p => /part
/me => /action
/j => /join
/q => /query
/w => /whois
/raw => /quote

General IRC commands

/msg $target $message
/action $message
/query $nick
/notice $target $message

/join $channel [$key], [$channel [$key]]

/part [$channel]
/kick $nick

/nick $new_nick

/topic [$channel] $topic
/whois [$nick]
/whowas [$nick]
/ctcp $target $ctcp_command [$ctcp_args]

/quote $raw


/ignore [$user_mask]

/unignore $user_mask

Helper commands

/op $nick
/deop $nick
/hop $nick
/dehop $nick
/voice $nick
/devoice $nick
/k /kick $nick

Server commands

/server [$server_address] [$server_port]

Client settings

/set $setting_name [$new_value]

/alias [$alias $rule]

/alias del $alias


Developer helpers

/applet $applet_name
/js $script_url

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